Thursday, September 14, 2017

Post GSoC Adventures

    After a week long wait, the results of Google Summer of Code were finally announced. And to my utmost elation, I passed the evaluation! In fact all the 7 students that worked with DBpedia passed their evaluation and all our efforts have finally paid off!

    After taking a *well deserved* week's rest, I have started working on a new idea. Me and Luca (who also participated in GSoC'17 with DBpedia), have decided to start working on a small idea, using gestures to control our computer. At first, we'll try to control the mouse using gestures, but as the idea and the program develops, we'll look forward to integrating other features as well. This is an exciting idea to work upon, dipping our feet in the realms of Computer Vision, Motion detection, Touch-less computing and automation and hopefully, we can build something useful out of this!

    We would love to hear suggestion and comments on the idea! If someone is interested in working on this idea, they are more than welcome! Contact me for more details.

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